Jiu Jitsu for Everyone

“There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.”
– Carlos Gracie, Sr. 4.

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Jiu Jitsu for Everyone

We offer Jiu-Jitsu classes for children and adults, MMA and kickboxing for adults and women’s only classes.


Start with the fundamentals & principles of BJJ and move towards Black Belt excellence.

Kids Classes

Designed to teach children self-discipline as well as providing a unique way to express themselves.


Learn submission grappling from one of the top NoGi practitioners in the country.

Women’s Only

Learn BJJ with other women in a safe, structured environment.

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“Cannot recommend GB Kirkland enough! Josh & Solange are super friendly and down to earth. Josh is an excellent teacher who treats his students with patience and respect.”

– Christian

“I can’t recommend GBK enough. I was nervous at first, but Josh & Solange were extremely patient and helpful during my first lesson. They really care about their students.”

– Mike