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Using BJJ to Staying Fit After 35 and Fighting the Aging Process With Gracie Barra BJJ of Kirkland.

If you listen to the popular belief that after 35, your body slows down, you lose muscle mass, your metabolism slows, you lose flexibility, your body aches and gets creaky, you have two choices. Accept it and ease into a sedentary life or remain active and fight the aging process while enjoying the benefits of the work you put it.

Many people start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) later in life. After many years of playing competitive sports, I actually found that BJJ was much easier on my body than basketball, soccer, and other popular activities. I still enjoy those sports and still play in a competitive basketball league. In fact BJJ has made me a better basketball player in terms of strategy, flexibility, strength, and cardio.

Master Carlos Gracie, Jr. wrote an article last December about the staying active after 35. The article points out some great tips on enjoying BJJ after 35. Master Carlos emphasizes diet, training smart, recover, warm up, and stretching. I would also add there really is a standard of BJJ for everyone. This is evident in the different age classifications at tournaments. There are usually competitors into their 70s at international tournaments. There are also many still training into their 70s and 80s. Master Helio Gracie was still training until his death at 95 years old.

Stay smart and be aware of what your body needs and you should be able to enjoy BJJ for many years to come.

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