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No time for jiu-jitsu at GB Kirkland during the holidays, try these exercises to keep you moving

Glover on the CXTHolidays are awesome, but can be troublesome for your routine and schedule. Family is in town, kids are off school, travel, lots of goodies, traffic. This will pass, but enjoy it and let your body rest and recover.

However, if you have the itch and need to keep moving to ward off stagnation, release stress, get the metabolism moving, Caroline Gracie posted an article on Gracie Mag where she shows a video of some drills and exercises you can do at home.

If you really want someone who will always train with you, I suggest a CXT ball. We can order them in our pro-shop. There’s a GB discount. I have one and it’s pretty amazing. Andre Galvao, Jeff Glover, and Cobrinha have popularized the swiss ball exercises, but this is even better. Let Dave know if you would like to order one.

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